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Chastain issues response to City attorney’s findings

Acting through his wife and lawyer, Valerie Chastain, Clay Chastain has issued a response to the findings presented to the Kansas City Council on January 18th.

The findings presented potential issues with the initiative approved by voters. Among them were rights of way, funding, and land ownership issues.

In the response, Chastain rejects the findings. He threatens to sue even if the Council attempts to bring a revision back to voters.

Therefore in the event, upon taking office, the new mayor and city kjøpe viagra uten resept council of Kansas City delay implementing the voter-approved light rail plan by attempting to either repeal it or amend it significantly and resubmit it to the voters, these actions will be met with a legal challenge. Legal action will also be taken if said same body sits on the initiative and takes no action to begin implementing it in a timely fashion.

While the old adage of "careful what you wish for" is true, nothing prevents a measure passed by voters from being revised by voters. Things could get (more) interesting here.

Full document: Legal Response


What Just Happened?

Was last week's light rail presentation to the city council:

a) An attempt to simply pass the buck to the next mayor and council?

b) A perfect example of cowtown inferiority?

c) A reality check for the candy-coated Chastain lover?

d) All or none of the above?



City Transit Advisor to review Light Rail initiative at Council’s Business Session

Kansas City's lobbying firm in Washington reports on Thursday their initial findings on the feasability of the approved Light Rail plan.

Thursday, January 18th at 1pm
City Hall, 26th Floor, City Council Chamber

This will most likely be broadcast on Channel 2 and online

From City Hall:

News from City Hall

Mayor Kay Barnes
29th Floor, City Hall
Kansas City, Missouri


City Transit Advisor to discuss review of Light Rail initiative at Council’s Business Session on Thursday

At tomorrow's City Council business session, Jeff Boothe of Holland & Knight, the City's Washington based lobbying firm, will present his review of the details of the light rail proposal passed by Kansas City voters on November 7, 2006.

Boothe was asked by Mayor Kay Barnes and the City Council to review the initiative in November 2006, including an analysis of the climate in Washington following the November elections, for potential federal funding. Boothe has previously advised several cities on light rail proposals. He has substantial experience in representing public transit authorities and metropolitan areas through the Federal Transit Administration approval process for new start projects, on matters relating to federal transportation policy and legislative and regulatory affairs, and transit oriented development.

He was recently elected to serve on the American Public Transportation Association Business Member Board of Governors. He is also an active member of the APTA Legislative, Legal Affairs and Policy and Planning Committees; the Major Capital Investment, Environmental and Land Use and Development Subcommittees; and the TEA-21 Reauthorization and Light Rail Task Forces.

Thursday’s business session begins at 1 p.m. in the City Council Chamber on the 26th floor of City Hall, not on the 10th floor. Preceding the presentation on light rail will be a discussion of the Housing Policy and Oversight Committee Final Report.

At the November 9, 2006, Council business session, Mayor Kay Barnes laid out an initial process by which the City will review the light rail proposal.

The Mayor stated that the voters sent a clear message that they want the City to implement a meaningful Light Rail plan by approving an extension of the 3/8 cents transportation sales tax. The Mayor also stated that she believed that voters approved the proposal understanding that elements of it may be impractical, financially and/or logistically.

Therefore the Mayor laid out an initial process to provide https://www.seher.no/ this and the next Mayor and City Council with a context by which to move forward.

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KCAIA Online Light Rail Forum

The Kansas City American Institute of Architects (KCAIA) chapter is hosting an online forum on light rail.

The forum asks several good questions to get the conversation going:

  • What do you think about developing a light rail system in KC? Would you ride it?
  • How do you think it should work with and augment the bus service in the metro area?
  • Do you think the metro area would be better served with an enhanced bus system, such as proposed by MARC’s Smart Moves program, and more MAX-style routes instead of light rail?
  • Do you think the proposed light rail route (Swope Park to KCI) is the most effective route or do you think there are other areas that should be included, such as extending in to Johnson County, and a revised plan considered?
  • Have you used light rail in other cities? Tell us about your experiences.
  • Aside from the light rail component, what do you think of the rest of the plan, such as the gondolas, and the removal of Broadway through Penn Valley Park?

You can visit the forum on their website: Light Rail: On Track in KC?


Smartcards Revolutionize Fare Payment

USA Today recaps some of the rapid advancements in the use of smartcard technology in mass transit. "Tap and go" is the new "exact fare required". By the time KC launches our light rail system, this could be the default choice for your ticket to ride.


SLC Impresses Phoenix

Not much light rail news on the KC front as we wait for the mayor and council elections to finish, but other cities press on. A writer for the Arizona Republic muses about Salt Lake City and their successful rapid transit build-out. SLC got a head-start on KC when it hosted the Olympics and has been rail crazy ever since — to the tune of about $2 billion in local funding. Doesn't hurt that the Mormons promoted mass transit rather, well, religiously.

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