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The First Legal Challenge

A south Kansas City resident has filed the first legal challenge of the City Council repeal of the voter-approved light rail initiative. Opposition from south Kansas City was expected because all proposed routes don't directly pass through that part of the city.

The "life-long" resident, Rose Marie Gunter, claims she is "disenfranchised" by the council's actions, even though they also approved a resolution to provide a replacement plan to voters in 2008. Puppet or pawn? Too early to tell, but Prime Buzz noted there was opposition forming in the southland last week, and it was south KC residents that formed the harshest opposition to the 2001 city-backed light rail plan that failed at the ballot box. Some have claimed that an expected legal challenge (and subsequent veto of the repeal) is all part of the Mayor's grand scheme to put a damper on light rail completely until a regional plan is funded.


Next stop: 18th & Grand!

Is The Star creating a light rail plan?

starrail.jpgWe've been hearing rumblings that The Kansas City Star is working on their own light rail route. That's all we know right now, so there's no telling what the route, technology, or funding will look like.

Why would The Star design and then support their own plan? The editorial board has supported light rail in the past. We haven't seen their plan and are not casting judgment, but too many plans muddy the waters for voters. If voters get confused, they'll get irritated and vote against any and all plans. There are already several proposed or being planned. If The Star's board does still support light rail in Kansas City, they'll need to be careful on how this is presented.

They'll also need to take care with their reporting, as they've said repeatedly that the editorial board does not decide content. It will also be interesting to see how they qualify themselves as a qualified route designer.