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Round-up: This week in light rail (Extreme GOTV + Kool-Aid + OMG weekend edition!)


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All you ever wanted to know about the opposition… with flow chart!

Blog KC did some serious homework last night. Check out their post that ties all of the light rail opposition money to its various sources. Hint: It's more complicated than another shitty car wash. This is the network of "groups" and individuals that has been trying to manhandle KC into staying a cow town, whether you like it or not. Enjoy!


Last ditch legal challenge denied

According to a late report from the Star, the legal challenge to prevent the Nov. 4 vote has been denied. Absentee voting began Sept. 23 — well before the suit was brought — and the City Council followed procedure by unanimously voting to approve the ordinance without being read on three separate occasions (anyone who watches Channel 2 could have predicted the outcome on this one).

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Absentee voters: We want to hear from you!

If you've already voted absentee in Kansas City or North Kansas City, we'd like to hear from you before Election Day. Drop us a line at [email protected].



All the answers were in today's Star. Still got questions? If not, please check out this great article in today's Washington Post about the rebirth of the American City through the lens of the presidential campaign (it's kinda transit-related, we promise).

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Another light rail endorsement

From the Sun Gazette.

In the bigger picture, light rail is part of being a thriving metro, something Kansas City struggles to maintain. Light rail also adds to the vitality and life of a city that an extended bus system simply cannot do alone.


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