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Financial forum to touch on transit?

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has referenced transit as a discussion point for his Dec. 22 Forum on Financial Preparedness, which is designed to survey the city's troubling fiscal status as the country continues through a deepening recession. We've emailed the mayor's office for further detail based on this statement in the Business Journal:

Contained among those projects are transit, sewer and bridge projects, Funkhouser said.

As we posted last week — um, lack of motivation… m'kay? — the "official" list of stimulus projects doesn't include anything outside of smallish requests for trails and sidewalks, which doesn't correlate with the high rank transit garnered on the mayor's priority list.

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  1. northlander December 16th, 2008 6:16 pm

    How can we talk about transit with no money in the bank and no game plan? Maybe some day the people will be able to talk about what we want instead of the transit people[RTA,ATA and consultants] who try to lead us in the wrong directions. So far they have been wrong at least 6 times,wonder when they might get it right. Even Russ Johnson with all his brains didn’t come up with anything

  2. midtown guy December 16th, 2008 11:19 pm

    Another sure fire obsession. Rus Johnson not only could not come up with anything. He acted in a less than honorable manner with his attempts to persuade people not to help fight the obvious flawed plan. Remember it was a Funkhouser decesion to remove Mr. Ford and put in the second team which started their efforts with ad hominem attacks on one of Kansas City assets Mr. Nutter. when there is no plan or only a bad plan attack the person with unfounded rumors or outright lies is not the stragedy of a prudent man. Neither Mr Funkhouser or Mr. Johnson deserve any sympathy for there situations or credence with anything they purpose.

  3. enough December 19th, 2008 5:22 pm

    the current issue is declining city revenues in the near future. that’s going to affect ongoing transit operations, since the city sales tax is the lion’s share of the ata’s budget.

    it’s important that transit advocates attend the forum on monday to express support for transit. i expect to be there.

    it’s also important to ask the city council to add transit projects to its stimulus package list — or at least to express support for a separate submittal by the ata.

    and, as a few days ago, we have to expect a bus fare increase in the next few months.

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