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KCATA outlines service cuts

The Star's coverage is here. The list of cuts is here. Submit your comments here. Your city council contact information is here (the city's budget that includes the funding cuts will be adopted today).

On a more personal note, we are severely disappointed in the council's action on transit funding, especially when taking into consideration some of the funding will be redirected to pay for traffic signals. It's an embarrassment that a city the size of Kansas City cannot take such a basic service seriously enough to protect it from raids by a near-sighted public works department and an inept city manager, especially considering there were no federal stimulus available for transit operating costs.

Cuts were indeed inevitable, but it didn't have to go this far. We encourage the KCATA to consider another fare hike to retain night and weekend service that would be completely eliminated on some routes, and to give neighboring cities time to consider supporting the system.

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  1. dwh March 26th, 2009 3:56 pm

    Keep fighting the good fight, man.

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