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Parks Board approves Troost BRT enhancements

While the remaining public works improvements for the Troost BRT line are still being held in the City Council's Transportation & Infrastructure committee (what gives, Russ?), the Parks Board yesterday approved streetscape improvements around the intersections that are under their jurisdiction, namely the boulevards that intersect Troost Avenue.

Coincidentally, there is no mention of concerns about buses crossing Brush Creek, whereas light rail elicited opposition last year from Parks Board commissioner Aggie Stackhaus.

It's interesting to note how far we've come as a city with sustainable infrastructure, at least in concept. The enhancements at Linwood, Armour, Brush Creek, Cleaver II, and Manheim consist of street trees and rain gardens — all staples of the "green" changes to the overflow control plan [PDF] the city's water services department is submitting to the EPA. Too bad the motivation was not making transit more attractive for residents, but we'll take what we can get.

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