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Round-up: This week in light rail


  • Light rail ridership forecast won’t be finished before Nov. 4 vote (Kansas City Star)
  • Light rail opponents fail to file reports with ethics panel (Kansas City Star)
  • Funkhouser: Build light rail, and eco-devo will come (Kansas City Business Journal)
  • Mr. Stinky Feet debuts catchy new light rail song (Fox 4 News)
  • Subverting democracy on a technicality (Kansas City Post)
  • So who is this Patrick Tuohey? (Prime Buzz)
  • JoCo’s interest in public transit rises with fuel prices (Kansas City Business Journal)
  • Light rail would keep KC working (Kansas City Star)


  • Downtown convention hotel opens in Phoenix (Expo Magazine)
  • Bringing BART here: "Yes" on B adds connecting rail (Milpitas Post)
  • Park-and-ride lots lead to light rail (Arizona Republic)
  • Rail plan offers chance to get back on track (Boston Globe)
  • Telling D.C. why we need transit money (Hudson Reporter)
  • Metro walking a fine line on Prop M (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • To build or not to build? (Denver Daily News)

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