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KCATA offers “How To Ride” clinics + our tips

In advance of this year's Dump The Pump day on June 19, the KCATA is offering a few How To Ride clinics. Since no human is born with this knowledge and it's not taught in any school, we all must learn it somehow. If you work anywhere between the loop and the Plaza you really have no excuse not to try Dump The Pump for one day. Here's a few of our favorite tips if you're new to riding:

Bike + Bus — Since all KC buses have bike racks on the front, there's also little excuse if you or your job aren't right on a route — even if you have to cross the river. The JO also has bike lockers (bring your own lock) at some major stops.

Change Cards — KCATA is one of a handful of transit operators that doesn't require exact change. Hand the driver a $5/10/20 bill, ask for a change card, and you basically get a debit card for bus fares in return, minus the fare for that trip. If you start riding at least once a day, it's probably time to upgrade to a monthly pass.

Online Trip Planner — Now powered by Google Transit and far more friendly and familiar. Caution: The JO hasn't joined in yet; gotta navigate schedules or call the regional call center.

Exiting at the Rear — Even if the bus isn't full, it speeds boarding dramatically if there isn't a line of people waiting to exit the bus through the same tiny door. Most buses have front and rear doors, the latter may require you to push to exit.

Back-Up Plan — If you're using a route that doesn't run all day, make sure you have a back-up plan. Having a bike as part of your trip makes this less painful, but asking a co-worker who lives nearby (or near a more frequent bus route) to be your back-up is easiest.

Have Fun — Not looking forward to a longer-than-usual trip or layover? Plan to stop for coffee or a snack on the way or wherever you make a transfer. Also, don't forget your iPod or PSP (or if you're old school, get your favorite book, magazine, or newspaper). There are lots of ways to kill time when someone else is doing the driving.

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  1. Eric Rogers June 5th, 2008 6:53 am

    Don’t forget Guaranteed Ride Home. If you are registered with MARC’s RideShare program you can get a free taxi ride home in case of emergency.


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