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Regional talks inch forward to June 20

Mayor Mark Funkhouser's regional transit concept is inching forward after yesterday's initial public meeting with regional officials. A new regional steering committee was established with subcommittees for the election, governance, and routes. The deadline for those committee discussions is June 20.

The big decision is, of course, the election. It trumps all others because of the late start for these discussions and the looming August deadlines for submitting questions for a November ballot. November is critical and also was promised by the City Council, which includes the Mayor, after repealing the original citizen initiative ("Chastain") plan.

We posted yesterday on our issues with the route. While there were many, it concerns us that each county commission will be adjusting the map to make sure their constituents are well served. We encourage those leaders to move quickly and maintain a big picture to preserve momentum and the tight schedule.

We also strongly encourage the Mayor to televise all remaining public meetings. If he wants to expedite the process of engaging the public, live or recorded proceedings for transit discussions are critical to ensuring transparency and direct communication to potential November voters.

UPDATE: Video coverage from KMBC. Also, the suburban angle from the Lee's Summit Tribune.

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  1. Joe May 31st, 2008 11:11 am

    The larger meetings (yesterday, June 20) can’t be televised live, due to technical limitations of Channel 2, but they are being taped and will be available on the web soon after. I’m not sure about the subcommittee meetings. Probably a stretch, given staff limitations.

  2. enough May 31st, 2008 12:52 pm

    if i heard correctly the other day, the june 5 (10 am) meeting of the city transportation and infrastructure committee will be a working session on transit. that ought to be interesting and could clarify — or heighten — some of the confusion regarding the council/ata alternatives analysis currently underway and the mayor’s three-county proposal. presumably that meeting will be televised live.

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