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The next round of public meetings

Light rail planning kicks in high gear on Feb. 27 with the first public meeting for Phase II of the Alternatives Analysis. The meeting details are:

5-8 p.m.
Wed., Feb. 27
Mohart Community Center
3200 Wayne [map]
Kansas City, Missouri

The scoping booklet is here, but we've pulled some of the most important details that will be hammered out in the coming months, mostly having to do with routing specifics:

1. Northern Terminus - The project team will evaluate a northern terminus in the vicinity of Vivion Road or possibly further to the west and/or north.

2. North Kansas City - Several alignment alternatives will be considered in North Kansas City, located north of the Missouri River; including Burlington between a new Missouri River crossing and the north terminus, and Swift between the River and the north terminus.

3. River crossing - The project team will evaluate the potential to add fixed guideway transit to the existing Heart of America Bridge over the Missouri River, or build a new adjacent transit structure.

4. CBD-Crown Center - Between the Central Business District and Crown Center, the project team will evaluate the feasibility of using either Grand Avenue or the Walnut Street/Main Street pair for a north-south alignment.

5. Midtown - Main Street will be evaluated as the north-south alignment under consideration between Crown Center and the Country Club Plaza.

6. Southern terminus - At least three southern termini options will be evaluated:

  • 51st Street/Brookside Boulevard
  • Cleaver II Boulevard east of Main Street
  • 47th Street west of Main Street

7. Eastern leg to vicinity of Prospect Avenue - The project team will evaluate at least two possible east connections between the north-south transit corridor and Prospect Avenue:

  • Linwood Boulevard
  • Cleaver II Boulevard/Volker Boulevard

8. Eastern Terminus - Although both eastern legs will be evaluated to the vicinity of Prospect Avenue, alternatives will be reviewed for the specific eastern terminus point.

We'd love to hear your comments on any of the above items.

For those who can't make the Feb. 27 meeting, written comments can be sent to the KCATA project manager through March 17.

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  2. James February 19th, 2008 11:21 am

    My vote for the CBD is the Main/Walnut pair alignment. I think it’s the most practical.

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