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Today’s Light Rail Ordinance

The full City Council will hear a new light rail ordinance today that is chock full of interesting details. First and foremost, we find some relatively directive language — "consultants shall proceed immediately to Phase II of the Alternatives Analysis" — and some new twists on route and connectivity. It's important to note also that the ordinance directs the City and KCATA to enter into discussions directly with the City of North Kansas City, which will host a small, yet critical, segment between the Missouri River and I-29. The ordinance also provides $200,000 in additional funding for light rail planning. Here's the section that lists routing and connectivity considerations:

In its efforts to determine future alignments and connections to the entire city and region, the City and KCATA have taken into consideration the following alignments and connections:

(1) The alignment identified by Citizens Light Rail Task Force for the first phase light rail.
(2) An East-West connection along the alignment of Trumann Road.
(3) An East-West connection along the alignment of Linwood Blvd.
(4) Connectivity to the area in the general vicinity of Bannister Mall.
(5) Connectivity to the area in the general vicinity of Metro North Mall.
(6) Use of the existing Bruce R. Watkins highway corridor.
(7) Use of the existing Harry Wiggins Trolley Track corridor.
(8) Use of the existing US-169 highway corridor.
(9) Connectivity to the airport
(10) Connectivity to Clay County and Liberty

Watch the City Council live online or on Channel 2 (KCMO only) at 3 p.m. CDT today.

UPDATE: The Council unanimously passed the ordinance today. Per Councilman Ed Ford, answers to the route, technology, and funding questions in the ordinance will be taken up "after the first of the year." Earlier in the day, the Council agreed to have a special business session on Dec. 13 to start diving into the details as a full group.

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