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City Attorney issues legal response

KC City Attorney Galen Beaufort issued a statement today in response to yesterday's announcement of a legal challenge to last week's council repeal of the voter-approved light rail plan. Basically, his reasoning is that it was a constitutional action and the legal challenge should not impede the repeal ordinance taking effect. Thanks to Prime Buzz, we offer this precise quote:

The filing of the lawsuit does not automatically stop Ordinance No. 071130 from going into effect. Ord. No. 071130 is the ordinance passed by the Council on November 8 which repealed Ordinance No. 060931, As Amended, commonly referred to as the 'light rail ordinance.'

In short, the case should get dismissed.

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  1. mainstream November 17th, 2007 11:50 pm

    Is lightrail dead?

    I fear as much. From now til November is a long time.

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