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Task Force makes route, technology recommendations

The Star has the full story on the 12-mile recommendation. Here are the basics:

  • Northern terminus: Vivion Road and North Oak Trafficway (I-29)
  • Southern terminus: 51st Street and Brookside Boulevard
  • Eastern branch: 18th Street, Linwood Boulevard, or along Brush Creek to Prospect Avenue
  • Technology: Modern streetcar with overhead catenary in dedicated, transit-only lanes
  • Funding: 3/8-cent new sales tax with federal matching funds
  • Stops and precise street alignment will be determined at a later date

Now the Council must make a decision this week on how to proceed with the repeal of the voter-approved plan. It has been sufficiently tarred and feathered, but now that a real replacement exists a simple repeal by the Council should produce little fallout (other than snarky comments from the same five trolls on Prime Buzz). The Council has had plenty of time to think about the options and they've been floating in the media — and out their districts — for just as long. It's time to act.

UPDATE: The ATA has posted the Task Force's recommendations: Citizen Task Force Recommendations on an Alternative Light Rail Plan

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  1. northlander November 6th, 2007 5:44 pm

    Still need someone to find out will a light Rail make it up the hill out of NKC on North Oak.

  2. D November 6th, 2007 9:03 pm

    Hey, a streetcar can go anywhere! It’s just a bus on rails in the eyes of KCATA. They need to either bore a tunnel through the hills north of NKC or take the light rail along the I-35 right-of-way. KC needs to stop being cheap or future gridlock will eventually cripple the possibility of growth throughout the metro.

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