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No alarms and no surprises

You probably already read or saw it somewhere else, so we're just posting it here for posterity: the City Council didn't vote on any of the three light rail ordinances this week. No surprise, as it's probably in their best interest to let these options sit in front of the community awhile before pulling any particular lever. Kudos to Ed Ford for introducing all of the options right now; the prior administration and council would have likely decided the fate behind closed doors just so they could present a smiling and unified front. That may work great for shareholders, but it's definitely not the way to engage constituents in a meaningful way.

Back on the ground, the KCATA is ready to unveil some route and technology options Monday. If you're truly interested in making your voice heard you should at least show up (attendance numbers are almost as important as your feedback at this point), especially since they've made an obvious effort to make the meetings more accessible by holding two sessions and referencing their own buses as an option for getting there.

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