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KCATA testifies before Congress

Mark Huffer, KCATA general manager, will testify before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Thursday about proposed changes to the FTA's Small Starts and Very Small Starts programs. You can wade through Huffer's comments, but rest assured this is less about telling Congress they're on the right track with BRT than it is more about putting KCATA in front of the people who might be funding light rail for KC in the very near future.

And while we're on the topic of BRT, Wired has published a four-part series detailing the pros and cons of the "poor man's light rail".

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  1. northlander October 1st, 2007 7:08 am

    No talk of streetcars for a start up line which means that the KCATA will stay the line with Light Rail plan which will not get funding that it needsbecause of the high price tag. Maybe that’s the game plan to get Light Rail defeated to get transit money back for the bus system.
    Looks like Johnson County will talk transitover the next few days,maybe they can tell MARC what needs to be done.Start with a Express line to the Airport on Metcalf,do more apartments or condo’s to fill in space on metcalf/75th St/95th St. so transit line hit Hospital, grocery stores restaurant, and entertainment areas

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