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One KC Transit Meetings

MARC and the region's transit agencies are hosting a series of public forums with the intent of updating Smart Moves based on the light rail vote. The meeting schedule is here. Tonight's meeting is at the Shawnee Public Library, 13811 Johnson Drive. We appreciate MARC's nod to actually using public transportation to get to a meeting about the very subject.

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  1. northlander September 21st, 2007 8:44 pm

    Hope Smart Moves makes the right move and let’s everyone know if the Elton John concert will have special buses for a $1.25 ride instead of $10-$20 to park and how late they will run,and pick-up points.

  2. crasho September 21st, 2007 10:20 pm

    if they do have special buses, the scalpers will buy all the tickets and charge 10 to 20 bucks; until light rail comes, of course. that’ll be a not-so-Smart-Move. and can you believe that AEG lackey, Brenda Tinnen, saying the reason tickets to a pre-pubescent wannabe like Hannah Montana sell out so fast is because “Kansas City hasn’t seen these type of concerts before; they usually pass us by.” Gee, Brenda, will the same thing happen at tractor pulls and monster truck rallies? Ah kin hurdly wait fur dem.

  3. Dave September 21st, 2007 10:55 pm

    almost all ATA routes that are numbered less than 100 and don’t have an “x” will run late enough to handle concert-goers (about midnight, http://www.kcata.org). since the sprint center is located in the heart of downtown (unlike the far-flung sports complex or village west), special event service isn’t required unless you live in johnson county. of course, the maximum capacity of a diesel bus is 70 people, so get to the bus stop early and bring exact change (or ask for a change card). if not, there is a taxi stand by the marriott at 11th and wyandotte.

    on a side note, the “10,000 parking spaces” mentioned by the city and the Star doesn’t even include on-street and garage parking the crossroads or river market, so if you’re able to walk more than a few blocks, parking won’t be an issue. the best off-the-radar spot will be the new public garage next to the TWA building at 18th and main… a mere 5 blocks from the arena. or better yet, park on the plaza for FREE and take the MAX to 12th and grand and walk ONE BLOCK to the front entrance of the arena.

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