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Phoenix Light Rail Spurring Development

Arizona news outlets this week are touting (here, here, and here) all of the private investment — to the tune of $1 billion — that is occuring along Phoenix's 20-mile light rail line that is currently under construction.

A majority of the proposed urban route that voters approved in Kansas City last month aligns with Troost and Broadway. Troost is starting to see improvements north of 47th Street, but remains run-down (if still well traveled) to the south. Broadway is pretty much unchanged between the Plaza and the downtown loop and sees zero pedestrian activity north of Armour until you hit Quality Hill. What are Kansas City's options for transit-oriented development along the proposed route through the core? Are there any intersections or existing developments begging for a makeover?

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  1. nick December 29th, 2006 10:25 am

    Broadway used to see heavy pedestrian usage through Midtown, around the VFW building, as well as further South.

  2. Jim January 28th, 2007 6:58 am

    As far as the proposed route goes, wouldn’t it make more sense to run light rail through the Troost corridor? The Troost Corridor already carries a large percentage of people each day. In other words, a Troost line would meet with immediate success in terms of ridership. Second, look at how many bus routes intersect with Troost (off the top of my head I’m thinking the 39, 75, 12, 27?) - my point, the Chastain proposed route is too long and doesn’t necessarily connect with bus routes. Third, as reports all indicate, light rail lines spur economic development. Troost is coming back - think about what a proposed line could do to hasten that economic redevelopment.

    I know that the ATA is studying the Troost corridor for the next BRT/Max like route - I’m not sure how that makes sense given the already heavy use of the Troost line - it would seem to me that converting the Troost route to a BRT would be a waste of money (given the need to purchase new busses . . .) As much as I appreciate the Max, and as much as I think the current Max Route was well planned and executed, I’m not sure putting different style busses on a already heavily used route make sense. How will a BRT spur economic development?

  3. northlander June 3rd, 2007 1:29 pm

    Troost would make the best paid route. There are plenty of empty lots to build on and I am sure some housing money should be coming on track with very little TIF money needed or taking anyones land. Start at Volker BLVD by UMKC go to Main St and turn east go pass the Nelson Art turn north on troost to 27th St to the Hospital. People could get to jobs ,school and shopping.
    Just hope we have public input and the “Funk” doesen’t leave the people out. Apartment or Condo’s could be built on troost to make for even higher ridership. It’s a win win for the eastside to get to work and shopping.

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